The King of Casino Games

Who could have ever imagined that the famous French Mathematician Blasť Pascal created a crowd-favorite game? This creator of the Pascal Law, Pascal Triangle, and other significant contributions to mathematics and other fields also invented the most sought-after casino game ever conceived- roulette. With his enthusiasm in mathematics and perpetual motion devices, he created this game which is now very popular world-wide and already has several variations.

The name came from the same French word "roulette" which literally means "small wheel". Roulette is considered the "King of Casino Games" because the roulette areas on casinos are always crowded by many betters and spectators.

The game is composed of the roulette wheel with thirty-seven to thirty-eight pockets (depends on the variety) and a ball. Each pocket is numbered from one to thirty-six plus the 0 digit so as to give a house-advantage wherein the casino gets all the bets once the ball lands on it. In the American roulette version, however, 00 is also added to further increase the house-advantage.

The game starts with the betting of the players and follows when the croupier spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction. The game roulette really attracts many players. It is purely a game of chance, though skills in physics and mathematics may be incorporated. The main goal of the game is that the ball rolled in by the croupier should land on the pocket where you placed your bet. The game becomes more exciting because the numbers inside the wheel are not in numerical order and the color of pockets varies, too.

The players, too, can choose either to make an inside bet or outside bet. That is, the player can bet on the actual pocket/range of pockets where the ball will stop or the players will bet on the pocket colors, either it would be odd or even numbers, and the various categorical grouping of pockets, respectively.

The spinning of the wheel, the cheers and the shouts of bets are very prominent in a roulette area of the casino because it really stirs-up the feelings of the betters and even the spectators. The amount to be betted, however, is also controlled for the sake of fairness. There are minimum and maximum bets determined by the management.

Surely, this game, which resembles luxury and glamour, will never cease to be the most favorite casino game. More and more people will get hooked on this exciting game of chance.